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Kempo (a blend of Karate and Kung Fu) is Not for everyone! It's not for you if you are dead, a zombie, mean spirited, a bully, or particularly obnoxious. But, absent that, it will provide benefits too numerous to capture here and broaden horizons and potential in yourself that will astound you. Your chronological age is absolutely not a factor! And, Ultimate will meet you on your terms, and at your level of physical ability, as it supports your efforts if you give them an authentic chance. I've been attending the Kirkland, Washington Dojo location for a while now. Each lesson is a gift from the teachers (Senseis) and each class an opportunity to learn something about yourself and your journey on your own path.

There is a cliche that the definition of middle age is ten years older that what you are. It used to be that middle age started at 35 or 40 because we died around 75 or 80. Well, I'm half way there if I kick off at 120! You do the math. A couple of years ago, I had such a fearsome side-blade kick that it would terrorize any dachshund around since that was about as high as I could get it. My front ball kick? Not a munchkin could have withstood it! Both are better now and I see improvements as the weeks roll on. Knee pain, hip and shoulder aches, and myriad other complaints are much diminished and actually feel as though they are healing as scar tissue from my misspent youth dissipates and I slowly reshape my body.

I'm not saying that a little work is not required. But you just can't let fear, your own perception of your own age, or projection that you can't "compete" with the more youthful students, act as a deterrent if you have even the slightest interest in seeing what you just might be able to do for yourself in pursuing this Art. This approach to martial arts instruction is truly personalized by incredibly skilled and caring instructors. As I get older, I learn that my patience and gratitude is rewarded in a variety of ways. Why not get older on your own terms? Confidence, balance, stamina, self-defense, friendship. These attributes are present, in abundance, where I train. Growth, renewal, fitness and skill are all within reach. And, once more, mere chronological age is insignificant. Conquer your own fear. It's really, really, not a factor!
  -- Gary H., ZUSDS Kirkland Dojo


Shaolin Kempo

Welcome! to United Studios

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist, Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios has a program to fit your needs. Men, women, and children of all ages and professions participate in our Personalized and Group Training Programs.

The Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios System is an ever-changing wealth of knowledge that is always interesting and fun to learn. At ZUSDS, you're not just another student. You will realize your full potential, because you are special to us.

A discipline, sport, art, and way of life, the Martial Arts offers the adult student many unique benefits. You may be a professional, looking for that added mental edge in business, or someone who just wants to feel stronger and be more energetic.

Studies have shown for years that adults who exercise have lower blood pressure, increased muscular strength, better flexibility and less body fat than those adults who do not exercise. They can also cope with high levels of stress and have a more confident self-image.

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Defend yourself against crime and violence

Why not invest in yourself and prepare for the time you may have to defend yourself? Training at Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios will give you the confidence you need to take control of any situation. Not only will you learn the physical principles of self-defense, but you will also develop the mental awareness you need to recognize and avoid problem situations.

Now is the time to use the power of Martial Arts training to achieve goals important to you.

Benefits for Young Children

Believing in yourself starts early! At Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios, we work hard to make your child's first experience with the Martial Arts a safe and productive one. Young people must have personal goals and a caring support system to make their dreams a reality.

Martial Arts for Children

Your child's present and future success and happiness, is important to all ZUSDS' Instructors. We will help your child become a strong and productive member of society armed with character, strong self-discipline and a healthy self-image.

Equipped with these positive attributes, your child will have the inner strength needed to avoid the many temptations children face today.


September 23, 2017
Grand Champion Martial Arts Tournament, Seattle


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